Pumdikot Shiva Statue

Pumdikot Shiva Statue


Pumdikot, located in the southern region of Pokhara, is a hill station boasting a viewpoint situated at a height of 1500 meters above sea level. It is home to the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva, standing at an impressive height of 51 feet. Nestled tall against the scenic Annapurna mountain range and offering breathtaking views of the beautiful Fewa Lake, this statue represents both a remarkable architectural achievement and a powerful symbol of Lord Shiva's importance in Hinduism in Nepalese culture.


The entirety of the structure measures 108 feet in height, comprising a 51-foot statue along with a 57-foot white stupa. The Shiva Statue was constructed in Mathura, India, and later installed in Nepal. Positioned facing southwest, the Shiva Statue follows the belief that Lord Shiva always faces towards Kailash Parbat. While the construction concluded in late 2021, it's only halfway completed, with plans underway for further development. According to the Pumdikot Development Committee, these plans include the establishment of Martyr’s Memorial Park and a model of Mount Sumeru featuring Shiva and Parvati (The Rising Nepal, 2023). Currently, the site boasts 108 Shiva lingas encircling the statue at its base. Another highlight is the 31-foot-tall Shiva Damaru (Power Drum), the largest of its kind in Asia. Additionally, there's a small statue of Lord Ganesh situated in front of the dome. Pumdikot Shiva Temple not only attracts foreigners because of its aesthetic appeal but it also has historic and cultural value for the devotees. In ancient times, the hill housed a temple dedicated to Bhumeshwor Mahadev, referred as a Shaktipeeth, believed to be potent centers of spiritual energy where farmers' wishes were fulfilled.

How to get there?

There are four modes of transportation to reach the Shiva Statue.

  1. Drive to Pumdikot

There are public buses available from Lakeside which leave for Syanjha and it will take you directly to the temple. If you take a taxi or rent a scooter, it will take you around half an hour while the public transportation will take an hour.

  1. Cycling

You can hire a bicycle from Lakeside if you love cycling. There are cycling trails available or you can go from the main road.

  1. Hiking

If you love to explore nature and like to walk through forests, hiking is the best way possible. It will take about two to three hours to reach the top of Pumdikot, depending on your walking speed. You can start your journey from Lakeside and walk through the busy bazaar area, through alluring jungles and make your way to the top. There are various ways like hiking trails, pitch roads or cycling trails to reach there.

  1. By Boat

The alternative option of hiking straight from Lakeside is boating. You can hire a boat from Tal Barahi Temple across Phewa Lake and start walking through Raniban Forest. It will take you about an hour or one and half hours to reach the top.

Things to do

Once you arrive at this location, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the Annapurna Range, including Machhapuchhre Himal, Dhaulagiri Himal, Himchuli Himal, Mardi Himal, and Manaslu Himal, among others, especially on clear days. The scenery also encompasses Phewa Lake and the entire Pokhara Valley to the east, lush green hills to the south and west, and nearby attractions like Thaple Lek and Panchase, offering a tranquil experience for visitors. Additionally, thrill-seekers can participate in adventure activities such as paragliding, hot air balloon rides, and ultralight flights from Pumdikot. And if you travel a little far from Pokhara, you also can enjoy Kushma Bungee Jump, the world’s second-highest bungee jump.

The temple welcomes both Nepalese and foreign visitors at no cost, providing access to its serene surroundings. The temple also offers a picturesque view of the World Peace Pagoda. Nearby, a variety of dining options can be found, and just a short walk away lies a park with the statues of Durga, the Goddess of power and protection, and Kumar, the God of war. Across from the park stands Pokhara Dream City.

Operating hours for this destination are from 6 am to 6 pm daily, ensuring ample time for exploration and enjoyment of the natural and cultural wonders that it offers. 


If you're seeking peace, excitement, or a deeper cultural experience, the Pumdikot Shiva Temple is a magnificent representation of spirituality and the stunning landscapes of Nepal. It welcomes everyone who seeks to embark on a memorable adventure amidst the beauty of nature and rich cultural heritage. Offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas, peaceful surroundings, and nearby adventures, it's a place where both religious and adventurous individuals can find comfort and fulfillment.